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Our Story

Rajado started it's journey in 2022. Whilst gathering knowledge about different regions, we came across multiple different types of coffee which led him us to start, Rajado.

Afterwards, we decided to build this brand as a unique, organic and eco-friendly coffee brand that will bring different flavours and tastes to all our consumers. However, there was some pressing details we learnt. We learnt that the farmers we was sourcing our amazing products from were barely reaping the benefits to the wonderful coffee that they grow. We then decided to make a change within our business model which allowed us to donate a percentage of each coffee we sold back to the farmers.

The farmers were grateful and for this, they let us know about the tea they also grow. Whilst Rajado is predominantly a coffee brand. We decided to make way for tea to join the Rajado family after tasting the refreshing and fruitful flavours the tea provided. Rajado is an online only store and will officially open it's doors to everyone in 2023.We hope that you love our coffee and tea as much as we do