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Your Purchase Of Coffee Helps Others!!

Here at Rajado we try to-do our bit for the planet and its inhabitants, and with your help we can make a small difference to the Primates here, especially those who have been mistreated, injured or left to suffer at the hands of others, That is why we have chosen to support an amazing little charity called " Leaf Foundation". The Leaf Foundation run a small Primate Rescue Centre on the Isle of Wight Called " Monkey Haven" Registered charity no. 1153254

Leaf Foundation - Monkey Haven

A Little about them
Monkey Haven is supported by people just like you. We couldn’t rescue animals without your amazing help. The charity that pays for everything – and that’s all the costs involved with caring for our animals – is called The Leaf Foundation. Why ‘Leaf’? Well, that stands for Life Enrichment for Animal Fulfilment. When you visit the Haven, have a cuppa in the tea room, or buy your souvenirs in the shop, you’re supporting The Leaf Foundation. So a big THANK YOU from us all!

What do you do with our money? We help animals! That’s all the animals you’ll meet plus hopefully lots more in the future. Some of them are extremely rare, like the Cotton-Top Tamarins. With your support, we can afford to pay for their food, vet bills, accommodation and lots of treats.

Is there a bigger picture? Yes! We want to protect the planet. That could mean drawing our visitors’ attention to the destruction of the rainforest or doing our bit by going ‘palm oil free’. Signs and banners throughout Monkey Haven promote these messages. We also jump at the opportunity to talk to schools and groups about conservation and other issues affecting animals in the wild.


How is Rajado Supporting Them

We are donating a portion of the profits of each Rajado Coffee Pouch purchased by you to The Leaf Foundation - Monkey Haven.

  • For Every 250g Pouch of Rajado Coffee purchased 25p goes to The Leaf Foundation,
  • For Every 500g Pouch of Rajado Coffee purchased 50p goes to The Leaf Foundation,
  • For every 1kg pouch of Rajado Coffee purchased, £1 goes to the Leaf Foundation
With everyone's help we can make a difference